Antique Blue & White Royal Delft Commemorative Plate KLM Fokker F 7 H - NACC - 1924

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The tin glazed earthenware plate commemorating Van der Hoop’s flight from Holland to the Dutch Indies. Decorated in shades of blue within the center the flying airplane H - NACC and in the top a Dutch East Indian Sailing vessel with the date 1597 and under a steamship with the date 1871. The rim with floral swags and under the text:
Och zeil! Och Stoom ! Kiest Vrij Uw Sop,
Ik zoek het Hoopvol Hooger op.    1924 
(Oh sail, Oh steam, Choose free your “sop”. I will search it higher up)
1597 November 1th = Return of the crew of the late Willem Barentz from Nova Zembla where they stayed over winter after searching a ship route to the Far East on the north of Russia.
1871 = Nova Zembla Het Behouden Huis of the crew of W. Barentz in 1596 was found. (& the start of a regular connection with steam ships to Batavia = Djakarta.)
1924 Oktober 1th = First intercontinental flight From Amsterdam to Batavia in the Dutch Indies. (Djakarta) with a Fokker F7. The crew flew only at daytime and over land and it was a single journey. They arrived the 24th of November in 1924, so a journey of 55 days. The airplane and crew returned by boat from Batavia to Amsterdam.
Signed on the back in underglaze blue for:
DELFT  -  HOLLAND  & AU = 1925

Two painters worked on this plate:
Painter’s initials VL = J.van Lijnschooten
Employment dates Sept.16tn 1889 - 1935.
and AG = Andreas Petrus Guerrain 
Employment dates: Jun. 6th 1887 - 1938
This item is shown in Rick Erickson - Royal Delft Page 133 - Fig.11-25 (but  22,5 cm) Only 2000 plates were produced.

Diam.:  25,6 cm. (10,1 inches.)
Weight: 545 grams.



Hand Painted Earthenware
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