Mathieu Hart Antiques since 1878, is an old fashioned antique shop which is located in an old canalhouse over several floors on the Rokin, the mainstreet in the centre of the old heart of Amsterdam, between the Damsquare with the Royal Palace and the Munttower with the famous flowermarket and on the opposite of the Allard Pierson Museum and all the canalboats.

Two minutes walk from the Amsterdam Historical Museum and the Begijnhof with the English Church .(Sermon sundays 10.30 am ! ) Also walking distance from The Hermitage Museum on the Amstel. We ship worldwide for over 140 years.

We offer a large selection of West-European antiques as follows:

  • European Works of Art Pewter, brass and bronze objects, 15th until 19th century
  • Dutch Delft, 17th and 18th century
  • Antique & Rare and Vintage onjects
  • Dutch furnitures 17th century until the empire period
  • French furnitures Louis Fifteen until the empire period
  • English furnitures. Oak and mahogany .
  • Large selection of brass and crystal chandeliers.
  • Tapisseries Original antique prints.
  • And other decorative objects.

Each object in our collection has been chosen by us for its originality,beauty and quality. The last 140 years, we have made longtime customers all over the world who keep returning to our gallery on their visit in Amsterdam. Further, we guarantee the authenticity of every piece sold. We hope and would appreciate if you could find time to visit our gallery during your stay in Amsterdam.