Fine Antique Dutch 18th Century Engraved Brass Tobacco Box with Bible Scenes from the Book Luke. SOLD

The hinged lid and bottom engraved with three scenes in an oval. The top with:
De archangel Gabriel and  Maria               =Maria Boodschap (Message)
A man en omhelzende Maria & Elisabet    =Groet Elisabet      (Greeting)
Jozef , Maria & Jezus in de kribbe “           =Kristus geboorte.” (Birth)
The bottom engraved with:
Jozef & Maria with Jezus on the donkey to Egypt.   De vlucht. (The escape)
Jesus and John the Baptist    =Johannes ziet op het lam
Baptism Jesus by  John   :     =Doopt Christus  (Baptism)
The sides .engraved with the text  VERLAAT DE  / WERELD.( Leave the world) 

The Netherlands,
Circa 1730

Height:    3,3 cm. (1,3 inches.)
Length: 15,5 cm. (6,1 inches.)
Depth:     4,8 cm. (1,9 inches.)
Weight: 161 grams.