Antique Burmese Kammavaca Buddhist Manuscript 

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Manuscript of possible Kammavaca, a Burmese Buddhist ordination manuscripts written in Pali square script. Two wood covers, board gilded and lacquered. + 12 palm leaves 
22 pages with black lacquered text on red lacquer and two outer leaves the same decorations as the cover boards. Each page has 6 lines in Pali language and is gilded except the two outer sides.
Material: Wood, lontar palm leaves, red and gold lacquer, the text is written with 
pigment of tamarin seeds
Buddhism Art and Faith Edited by W. Zwalf Page 171 Fig 245

Condition: Good condition with usual signs of age and use. 
1 Wooden corner cover restored

Burma / Myanmar
Circa 1900 – 1920.

Length:  62 cm. (24,4 inches.)
Width:   15,5 cm. (6,1 inches.)
Height:  5 cm. (2 inches.)
Weight: 2.850 grams.  

€ 680