Antieke Duitse 18e Eeuwse Acht Arms Joodse Sabbat Lamp / Kroontje

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The baluster shaft with two spreading tiers with each four detachble small S-shaped scrolling branches, broad circular drip pans with cup shaped nozzles and between four figures blowing a horn. In the top the double head eagle with his spread wings and eight shaped reservoirs to the undertier and the circular drip bowl. The spreading tiers and arms and figures numbered with dots.
Onno ter Kuile. Koper & Brons Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Page 147, photo 191 for simular piece.
Hanging Sabbath Lamps", A. Blumberg, Jerusalem, 2001,

Duitsland / Polen
18e eeuw.
Hoogte: 47 cm.
Diam.:  34 cm.

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