Two Antique Dutch Empire Silver Salt Containes with Blue Glass - Den Bosch - 1826. A.F. van Zuijlen.

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The round silver salt container in a ring standing on three feathers ending in claw feet on a round base with three ball feet. and two silver spoons.
Hallmarked with: Walking Lion =
Dutch 833/1000 2e Gehalte Silver
Year letter R = 1826
AFVZ = A.F. van Zuijlen in Den Bosch.
The two silver spoons with the sword.

The Netherlands – Den Bosch
Anno 1826

Height: 8 cm. (3,2 inches.)
Diam.:  6 cm. (2,4 inches.)
Spoon: 6,3 cm. (2,5 inches.)
Weight: 205 grams.
Silver = 113 grams.