Antique Irish 19th Century Pewter Haystack or Harvester Measure, 
Noggin / 1 Gill

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The antique Irish 1 Gill / Noggin pewter measure with conical body with applied, molded neck, mid, and base bands; circular, everted rim with flared, molded lip. Tapered, D- or ear-shaped handle has an arched thumb rest; upper scrolled terminal with stepped oval attachment below neck; flat lower terminal attached at midband. Capacity label NOGGIN on the upper body on the front.. Unreadable mark on the top
Marked on rim with VR for Victoria Regina
Crown over a Cross as a mark for quality pewter on the bottom.
The item cast exact as Joseph Austen & Sons" of Cork, Ireland

Ireland circa 1850
Period: Mid- Victorian

Height: 9,1 cm.(3,6 inches.)
Diam.base: 6,4 cm. (2,5 inches.)
Weight: 225 grams.

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