Antique Early 18th Century Dutch Blue & White Delft Chinoiserie Cuspidor or Spittoon

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The upper / flared rim of the spittoon, also known as “cuspidor,” decorated with rotating scenes showing an Oriental in a park landscape and stylized leaves. The body with Chinese motives.
A spittoon is a receptacle made for spitting into, especially by users of chewing tobacco, which became very popular during the 18th century. Spittoons such as this, could be found on the dining table next to the  bedside and in pubs. As "spitting" and "chewing tobacco" were socially accepted in those days, these spittoons were made from all sorts of material from a simple brass one, to the very expensive examples in porcelain, or as here in delftware.
Repair on the ear and rim.

Circa 1700 - 1725

Height: 8,5 cm. (3,4 inches.)
Diam.:  12 cm.  (4,7 inches.)
Weight: 279 grams.


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