Antique French Empire Ormolu Mantel Clock. Psyche & Amor.

In the column the circular white-enamelled dial with black Roman numerals and five minutes marking and signed with Le Roy de Madame a Paris. On clock sitting on the left Psyche, watching het tiara in the mirror that the on clouds  sitting Amor holds for her. On the table on the right the attributes of Amor. Also on the reverse of the mirror. On the table left, standing on butterflies two flasks. Under the dial a frieze with two griffons above a regtangular frieze with five dancing putti Standing on spreading eagle feet.
Elke Niehüser - Die Französische Bronzeuhr. Page 177 Fig.285.

France - Paris, circa 1810.
Period:   Empire.

Height: 48 cm. (18,9 inches.)
Width:  39 cm. (15,4 inches.)
Depth:  14 cm. (5.5 inches.)