Rare Antique Dutch Engraved Brass Oval Tobacco Box with Perpetual Calendarium and Scene From The Odyssee. SOLD

The hinged lid engraved oval with scrolled branches and a catouche with village around the round Perpetuum Calendarium and a hand with vinger as dial. The reverse with a scene from the Odyssee. Circe and the crew from Odysseus, partly as soldier, partly as pigs. Under the Dutch text: Circe gaf haar gasten wijn en dranck ende maakt se alle tot swijnen. (Circe gave her guests wine and drinks and changed them all to swines.) The beautiful Circe, in Greek legend, a sorceress on the isle Aeaea and the daughter of the God of the Sun Helios and the ocean nymph Perse. Odysseus stays on his ship and the hungry companions of Odysseus started to eat from the offered banquet and all, except Eurylochos, are changed into pigs. 

The Netherlands
18th century

Length: 10 cm.   (3,9 inches.)
Width:    8 cm.    (3,2 inches.)
Height:   3,5 cm. (1,4 inch.)
Weight: 124 grams.