Antique Dutch 18th Century Engraved Brass Oval Tobacco Box. The Seven United States.

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The oval brass tobacco box with hinged lid engraved on the top with the head of the Dutch Lion with the seven coats of arms of the Seven United States and the text: 

De 7 Provensie. (The Seven States.)

The bottom engraved with the standing Dutch Lion with a sword within the fence and the house under fire of several arrows and the text: 

voor het Vaader Land . (for the Fatherland.)

Surrounded with garlands and both sides with a face, for the priest and the bishop, as a joke turned around the joker and the devil.


The Netherlands, 

About 1740.


Height:   3,3 cm.  (1,3 inches.)

Length: 12,5 cm. (4,9 inches.)

Width:     7,3 cm. (2,9 inches.)

Weight: 182 grams.


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