Antique Dutch 18th Century Engraved Brass Oval Tobacco Box

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The hinged lid engraved with Jesus sitting on a table together with four persons and a large wine jug next to him (John 2 : 1) On the left and right the text:
Heel Kaana staat verbaast dat Christus op haar Feest. and onth right: maakt wijngaart sap dat  an geen wijngaart was geweest. All in Cana are surprised that Christ on her party makes vineyard juice that never has been on a vineyard.  The bottom engraved with Jesus sitting in a landscape receiving baskets with bread and on the right the text: De Jongeren delen het brood elk mag zijn lust genieten and on the right: om meerder dan daar is sal daar nog over schieten. The youth hand out the bread anyone can enjoy his lust and more that is there will remain. Both sides with the twelve apostles with their names.

The Netherlands,
Circa 1760

Length: 14,7 cm. (5.8 inches.)
Width:    5,2 cm.  (2.1 inches.)
Height:   3,3 cm.  (1.3 inches.)
Weight: 147 grams. 

147 gr
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