Antique Dutch Late 16th Century Heemskerk Candlestick

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The copper alloy stick cast in two pieces. The round profiled base with the lower part of the baluster shaped stem and the drip-pan with profiles on the bottom. The top with the upper part of the stem with the cylindric nozzle with two holes. The stem repeats the decoration from the lower part.  The upper part of the stem has a pin, which is connected through the under part with the base. The bottom of the base with the turning circles.
Later added pewter under the stem.
Onno ter Kuile. Koper & Brons Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Page 107, photo 147 for similar piece.
Christopher Bangs – The Lear Collection, Page 260, photo 58 for similar piece.

The Netherlands,
Circa 1580.

Height: 19,2 cm. (8,5 inches.)
Diam. base:  9,3 cm. (4,2 inches.)
Weight: 816 Grams.

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